Exam Cell
  1. Conducting Anna University & Anna University of Technology Theory & Practical Examinations.
  • Theory Exam schedule intimation.
  • Coordinating with Other college Exam Cells for the exchange of External Invigilators.
  • Exam Duty Allocation to Staff.
  • Appointment orders to Staff for deputing them to other Colleges as External Invigilators.
  • Confirming Internal and External Invigilators with other Colleges.
  • Maintaining Stock Register.
  • Receiving Online Question Papers from the University and doing multiple copies as per the students enrolled for the Examination.
  • Commencing and closing the Examination as per the University rule.
  • Preparing Opening form, Performa and delivery Report and it should be sent to University daily.
  • Student’s absenteeism during Examinations will be maintained and it should be intimated to the University periodically.
  • Expenses for conducting both Theory and Practical Examination will be maintained and it should be sent to University for verification and settlement.
  • Providing Attendance to External Examiners.
  • Preparation of student’s appearance for the Examination Day wise and Session wise.
  • Preparing Hall Allotment and Seating Arrangement (Pasting register numbers on desk) for University Exams.
  • Providing proper information to the University Squad members during the Examinations (so far not even a single malpractice case is booked).
  • Preparing Practical Schedule and updating the same in the University Web Portal.
  • Confirming Internal and External Examiners for the Practical Examinations.
  • Answer scripts are made as bundles and it should be sent to University daily during the Examinations.
  • Downloading University Results, displaying it for the students and Result Analysis will be prepared.
  • Sending OMR sheets to the University after the Practical Examination.
  • Checking Answer Booklets received from University whether they are in good condition.
  • Preparing Answer Booklet Covers with Register number of the students.
  1. Receiving University Grade sheets and Issuing the same to the students.
  2. Generating & Issuing Exam Applications to the students, the filled forms will be made as a Book format and sent to University.
  3. Making the students to pay the Examination fee on time.
  4. Receiving Hall Tickets from the University & Issuing it to the Students.
  5. Generating Revaluation Applications, Issuing the same to the students and filled in applications will be sent to University.

Maintaining Staff Profile in University Web Portal.

The above said activities will be done individually for Anna University and Anna University of Technology


We are conducting 5 Unit Tests and 2 Model Examination for Theory papers and 1 Model Practical Examination for Practical subjects.

  1. Receiving Question papers from Staff.
  2. Making multiple copies of Question papers as per students strength.
  3. Conducting Unit Test and Model Exams as per the schedule.
  4. Preparing Hall Allotment and Seating Arrangement for both the Unit tests & Model Exams.
  5. Issuing test notes and question papers as per the hall allotment.
  6. Collecting test notes after the test.
  7. Issuing test notes to staff members for correction.
  8. Preparing mark entry forms.
  9. Preparing Attendance sheets for Unit Tests and Model Examinations.
  10. Collecting marks from staff members.
  11. Preparing Result Analysis and displaying it on the Notice Board.
  12. Sending Progress Report to the parents.


  1. College Affiliation document preparation.
  2. College Affiliation process.
  3. University Communication.
  4. Students Approval (Regular, Lateral, Transfer and Transfer cum Readmission).
  5. Student Affairs.
  6. University Exam – Students approval (Regular, Lateral, Transfer and Transfer cum Readmission).
  7. University Stationary approval for both theory and practical Examinations.
  8. Submitting Accounts pertaining to both theory and practical Examinations.


  1. Letter communication.
  2. Sending reply to the queries from DOTE.


  1. Approval Process of both Engineering College.
  2. Maintaining data’s in AICTE web portal.
  3. AICTE letter Communication.
  4. Other works related to AICTE.