Principal Office

  1. Maintaining Faculty Profile.
  2. Sending Daily report for the Group of Colleges.
  3. Preparing & maintaining class and staff Logbooks.
  4. Maintaining Attendance percentage for the students.
  5. Maintaining Staff Attendance & Leave forms.
  6. Preparing and maintaining students No Due Forms.
  7. Providing information to Corporate Office through E-mail.
  8. Maintaining Students Records ( Address, Phone Numbers).
  9. Maintaining Biometric.
  10. Preparing Academic Calendar.
  11. Counseling students and their parents during Admission.
  12. Preparing Transfer Certificates.
  13. Attending parents regarding their wards performance and enquiry.

Position Description:

The Principal of the College of Engineering provides leadership and vision to the College's administration, academic programs, curriculum development and faculty and staff development. By so doing, s/he contributes to the College's overall planning and development.

The Principal provides leadership and advocacy for strategic and budgetary planning; faculty and staff recruitment, development and evaluation; excellence in teaching, creative activities, research and scholarship; college and community relations; curricular and fiscal management; enrollment and marketing planning; student recruitment and retention; program review; and, accreditation.

The Principal is also responsible for keeping the appropriate records for program assessment and for ensuring that the college follows relevant accreditation standards.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Takes responsibility for leading the College with vision, creativity and excellence; provides collaborative and collegial leadership for the College; designs and implements the academic plan, as it relates to the College of Engineering; develops, implements, promotes and evaluates curriculum; supervises the management, development and evaluation of curriculum for the College; supervises and equips labs; with the assistance of the department chairs, recruits, supervises and evaluates full-time and adjunct department faculty and support staff; promotes and fosters professional development activities related to academic leadership, classroom instruction, instructional technology and support staff development; develops and implements budget and planning documents; works with department chairs to coordinates student program activities; ensures the vitality, currency and academic excellence of the College's programs; and, collaborates with the Adviser for Academic Affairs, other Deans and administrative officers, to achieve the objectives of the College and versus the overall assessment program and for ensuring those relevant accreditation standards are followed and maintained.

Qualifications/Professional Experience:

Earned Doctorate in Engineering, from an accredited college in India; record of outstanding achievement in higher education and scholarship; advanced interpersonal verbal and written communications skills and the ability to articulate and advocate for the needs of the College; experience in strategic planning, academic program development, fiscal and academic planning, resource management, program development and problem solving in similar organizations; administrative experience that includes academic planning, program review, strategic planning, program development, budgeting and fiscal/personnel management; earned academic rank of Professor; and, the ability to speak and write fluently in English.