Guidelines for Industrial Visit

The HoDs, Faculty in-charge of Industrial Visit and students shall adhere to the following guidelines and ensure its compliance from the planning of Industrial visit to the completion of visit: 

  1. Industrial Visit shall be arranged according to the academic requirements and as per the norms of the affiliating University. HOD must certify that the tour is required for the students or is related to their curriculum.
  2. The visiting companies shall be relevant and suitable ones to the specialization and academic requirements.
  3. Industrial Visit shall fall within the stipulated period set by the college. The stipulated period shall be informed to the IV-Faculty in-charge and Students through HoD well in advance to enable IV to go through a diligent process including communicating to the potential companies and obtaining permission to visit.
  4. Industrial Visit shall not exceed two days, preferably it has to be scheduled on Friday and Saturday.
  • For II and III Year – only 1 day is permitted. Start the journey on Friday Night and return within Sunday Night. All students should attend classes on following Monday.
  • For IV year – only 2 days are permitted. Start the journey on Thursday Night and return within Sunday Night. All students should attend classes on following Monday.
  1. Industrial visit shall be allowed only if more than 90 percent of students have shown interest and be registered for IV.
  2. Boy and Girls shall not be allowed to go together in same bus. The destination shall be different for BOYs and GIRLS and in a opposite direction.
  3. The entire IV Plan including Permission Letter from the visiting companies, permission letter, Route Map, list of students with their contact no. (preferably mobile phone), list of faculty-escorts with their contact details, Undertaking letter from student and Parent, Driving License and Permit shall be available in the file and be checked by Dr.Caroline , Prof /IT.   Once the plan is approved, the further changes need approval. Otherwise, the IV programme shall be cancelled.
  4. The bus shall carry a banner exhibiting the college name and Industrial Visit.  
  5. There shall be insurance cover for every student and faculty member participating in such tours. It also asks for accident cover, and life cover.
  6. Students must carry security ID cards with details of their parents or local guardians and their contact numbers.
  7. The heads of departments should also ensure prior permission for the tour and gain written permission from one of the parents or the local guardian for each student.
  8. Participating students must be given an undertaking that they will abide by the rules and guidelines throughout the tour. Undertaking from the parents freeing the institution from the risk of personal and material loss if incurred during the visit should be submitted by each and every student.
  9. Students must produce a medical fitness certificate before going on tour. Accompanying faculty members must be given an undertaking that they will take care of the students and ensure that rules are followed.
  10. If any complaint/misbehavior is reported against student during IV, the college shall take appropriate punitive measures ranging from suspension to termination depending upon the case.
  11. Faculty members can face disciplinary action if the safety of the students is compromised.
  12. First aid for the students and faculty members participating in such tours can be organized by the institution.
  13.  Avoid trip to hilly stations, water bodies (rivers, swimming pool, boating place etc.) during industrial visit.
  14. Discipline should be maintained both in industry and public. Students should behave in a very decent manner. Any violation will be viewed very seriously.
  15.  Though the students organize industrial visit, the decision of the accompanying faculty will be final in all matters related to IV. All the students should obey the instructions of faculty in-charge of IV.
  16.  The payment for transport and accommodation should be done only after approval from Principal.