Computing & Technology

Computer Laboratory

FXEC has state of art laboratories, equipped with latest instruments, computers, servers, as well as most modern software required to instruct the students and carry out prescribed practical hours to complement classroom learning. The resources and facilities of all the FXEC labs benifit the excellent reputation and standards. They provide an efficient and effective support to students in their pursuit of academic excellence. The college has a fully equipped computer centre with latest state-of-art computers and software.

Internet and Intranet

All the Computer Labs of Francis Xavier Engineering College are provided with Intranet and Internet connectivity using CAT5 cables. The campus has Wi-Fi connectivity. The Internet facility is free for the staff and students. Internet connectivity with 100 Mbps dedicated leased line connection. Students have access to this excellent facility, complemented by 24-hour internet connectivity. Faculties make use of Educational Portals and web sites for teaching, research and learning. All the teaching materials prepared by the staff are available in the intranet along with course plan etc. which can be accessed by the students through intranet facility. All the staff members and postgraduate students are provided with individual login in the server through intranet.

Computer Servers Facility

Francis Xavier Engineering College has the following Server Infrastructure to enable students with the most updated technology to help them with their learning.

  • LINUX Server
  • DNS Server
  • Database Server

Smart Class Rooms

Francis Xavier Engineering College has state-of-the-art smart classroom with provisions for effective e-learning and student centred teaching learning process. It provides an opportunity for faculty members to prepare interactive lessons and conduct sessions in a much more efficient manner. These classrooms are well equipped and utilized for ISRO's dream project of providing distance-learning education via satellite "EDUSAT", to which the college is a life member. Each department has been provided with LCD projectors and OHP's. The net-worked class rooms enable better student- teacher interaction and learning with digital on line content. Wireless network access is available in the campus to support wireless desktop computers and laptops.

Multimedia Teaching

Multimedia Teaching makes the teaching-learning process comprehensible and clear. Modern teaching aids like LCD projectors, Slide projectors,Television, P.A. systems etc., make the students understand the concepts clearly and fare well in their examinations.